Healthcare Informatics Student Award

    The Dr. Debra Wolf Healthcare Informatics Student Award was established in Spring of 2018 by the first graduating class of the Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics (MHI) Graduate Program. The student award is offered yearly to students enrolled within the MHI program. Students interested in applying for the award must meet the criteria listed below and complete the application. All required documentation must be submitted with the application.
    Award Criteria
    1. Applicant must have completed at least one full semester within the MHI program or the Certificate of completion (C of C) program.
    2. Applicant must provide proof of being enrolled in at least their second semester within the MHI program or the C of C program
    3. Applicant must have a ≥ 3.5 GPA
    4. Applicant must submit a 2-page (double spaced) essay addressing the following points:
        a) What value does a professional with a graduate degree in healthcare informatics offer to an organization?
        b) What is the future of healthcare informatics?
        c) How can the role of healthcare informatics impact quality and safety within a healthcare arena?
    5. Applicant must submit a letter outlining community service they were actively involved with in the past year. Letter should be signed by a representative of the community where service was offered
    6. Applicant must show proof as being a current member (student membership is acceptable) of an organization that supports the advancement of Health IT. Examples include WPA HIMSS,, Project Management Institute, American Nurses Informatics Association, etc.
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    Please upload your proof of enrollment as a PDF

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