Undergraduate Heffer Scholarship Application - 2021

    Fall 2021 - Heffer Scholarship Application
    To be eligible, this scholarship requires female students have a 3.5 (weighted) high school cumulative GPA.

    Applicants must meet all scholarship requirements and be accepted to Chatham in order to qualify for scholarship consideration. 

    Application Procedure
    - Attendance at one Academic Scholarship Day is required
    - Submit an essay from one of the topics listed below
    - Provide a personal résumé. Personal résumés should include extracurricular activities, community service, job experience, involvement, etc.
    - It is optional, but highly recommended, to submit a supplement to your scholarship application. Examples of supplemental pieces include: video showcasing your participation in a student play, recording of music you have performed, presentation of student artwork, newspaper articles outlining student achievements, or any other relevant summary of your accomplishments. Students may also express this through an online account (like ZeeMee, Coalition Application, etc) by attaching a link to your virtual profile in the provided space below. .

    Deadline for application is February 1. 

    Mail any supplemental materials to the address listed below
    Chatham University - Heffer Scholarship Application 
    Office of Admission
    1 Woodland Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232
    Personal and Contact Information
    Address Information
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    Intended Academics
    Current Education Information
    Required Uploads
    Complete a short essay (350-500 words) responding to one of the following essay prompts:
    A. Why are you interested in attending Chatham University and how will the Heffer Family Scholarship assist you in meeting your goals?
    B. How would you define a World Ready Woman and how would the Heffer Family Scholarship help you?
    C. Students report that attending Chatham University helped them find their voice and become strong women prepared for the world. How will your life be changed by receiving the Heffer Family Scholarship?

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